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Recap - 10.15.2020 Guru Deep Dives: Organizing Content to Support Workflows


  1. Imtiaz Alam - Instructional Designer @ Guru

  2. Julia Soffa - Senior Manager, Revenue Empowerment @ Guru

  3. Emily Nguyen - Partner Marketing Manager @ Guru

  4. Myrtle Ossai - People Operations Coordinator @ Guru

  5. Stephanie Kley - Product Manager @ Guru

Kristin from Bread: 1 minute live share of her instance for Competitive Battle Cards:

Michael Castillo from Sonos: 2 minute Live share of his instance for Support use case

Julia Soffa: 8 minute clip on Knowledge Strategy to empower your Collection champs:

Emily Nguyen - 5 minute clip of various Marketing use cases in Guru HQ (team projects, blog posts, webinars/virtual events):

Myrtle Ossai: 11 minute clip includes Q&A of new hire onboarding and performance review use cases:

Stephanie Kley - 6 minute clip of Product launch flow and feature breakdown Cards:

Full Recording - Guru Deep Dives Oct 2020: Organizing Content to Support Workflows for your Use Case