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Student or Counselor "No Access Message"

This article describes what to do if you aren't able to access the platform due to an error message like the one below.


This message is primarily due to:

  1. Attempting to log in as multiple users at once. You can only use the platform with one user account at a time

  2. Security settings, browser extensions, or other software on your computer that prevents our ability to use cookies.

  3. A stale bookmark - if you are accessing the platform via a browser bookmark or saved link, make sure the link is to and not a URL that contains "/admissions/" as you will not be able to load that link without first logging in.

What do do if you see this message:

  1. Visit and to logout, and then login on the resulting page. If your password doesn't work, you can reset it at

    1. If you access the platform through CollegePlannerPro, GuidedPath, or 360Planner, then skip this step!

  2. If after successfully logging in you still see the error message, ensure that you have Cookies enabled in your browser. Please find instructions for enabling cookies in every major browser here. You will need to refresh after changing these settings.

  3. If you continue to get an error message after refreshing, please send us a note at and note that you have gone through these troubleshooting steps.

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