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Google Sheet for Bulk User Management

This spreadsheet is set up to help users do bulk invitations, group assignments or user removal. This sheet lets you enter a list of users and a list of groups (group names) for each user. The spreadsheet has code built into it that calls Guru's API and lets you:

  • Invite users.

    • Any add operation will invite the user if they're not already on your team.

  • Add users to groups.

    • If no groups are specified, the users will still get invited to the team (if needed).

  • Add/Remove users to/from groups.

    • If the user is already in a group but you don't list that group for a user, they'll be removed from it.

  • Remove users from your team.


How to use the sheet

To get started you need to to these two steps:

  1. Open our sheet and do File > Make a copy.

    1. Our sheet is not editable. Making a copy gives you a personal copy that's not shared with anyone so there's no way your data can be seen by anyone else.

  2. Enter your email address and API token in the designated cells.

  3. Don't forget to delete your API token or the entire spreadsheet when your work is complete.

Loading your user list

You can load your list of users and their current group assignments from Guru by clicking the Load users button. This is helpful if you want to audit your current group assignments or do operations like splitting one group into multiple, more granular groups.

This data will be current but it doesn't stay up to date automatically -- if you made changes in Guru, the sheet wouldn't automatically reflect that. If you want to update your user list in the sheet you can clear all user data and click the button again.

Note: The first time you click this button, you will be asked to grant our script permission to access the spreadsheet. This is required so the script can write the user data back into the sheet.

  1. Click Continue

  2. In the popup click Allow

  3. The popup will close and you may need to click the Load Users button again.

Entering new data

It's not required to load your user list. If you have a list of 20 people you need to add to a group, you can enter their email addresses in the User column and the group name in the Group 1 column.

Editing a user's group assignments

There are two ways you can update what groups a user is assigned to:

  • Select Invite and Add User to Groups in the Action column.

    • This will add the user to all of the groups listed.

    • If the user is not on your team they WILL be invited.

    • This will NOT remove the user from any groups.

    • Here's an example of the output, showing the user was both invited and added to the Experts group:

      • If the user was already on the team the status would be just "Experts ✅"

  • Select Add/Remove User to/from Groups in the Action column.

    • The user will be removed from any group they currently belong to that's not listed in the Group columns.

    • They'll also be added to groups as needed.

    • Here's an example of the output, showing the user was removed from "Experts" and added to "test".

Removing users from the team

The spreadsheet also lets you remove users from the team. Here's how to do this:

  1. Enter the email addresses in the User column.

  2. Select Remove User from Team in the Action column.

  3. Make sure you've selected the correct users to remove.

  4. Once you're sure, select Yes in the Are you sure? column. You should see this:

When you remove a user from the team, they are no longer the verifier of any cards. You can add them back to the team but doing so doesn't restore them as the verifier, so it's important to be sure about removals before performing them.

We use SCIM, can I still use this sheet?

Yes, but it's limited. When SCIM is enabled in Guru, here's how it works:

  • Inviting and removing users must be done through SCIM, not the sheet.

  • Groups that are managed by SCIM can only have members added and removed through SCIM.

  • Groups that are not managed by SCIM can be managed through the sheet.

Even with SCIM enabled, the sheet can be used to manage groups that aren't synced from your identity provider.

Managing invitation emails

If invitation emails are enabled for your team, you can use the Invitation Email tab to customize the message that's included in the email.

Enabling or disabling invitation emails is managed in the Guru webapp:

  1. In your Guru team, go to Team Settings > Invite Preferences (link)

  2. Click the toggle to control whether invitation emails are sent. This toggle affects all invites whether they're done through the webapp or in the Bulk User Management spreadsheet.

When customizing the message in the spreadsheet you may include tokens like {email} or {groups} which will be replaced with the user's email address or list of groups respectively.