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Change Management Resource

Use this template to provide resources to your team on managing a change within your organization. Learn more about this template.

Examples of what this template can be used for include Stakeholder Analysis, Communication Plan, SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, Pareto Analysis, 5 Whys, and RACI matrices.

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A summary of the resource and its purpose.

When to use?

An example of the most appropriate stages of the change management process this resource should be used.

  • <Insert the most appropriate stages that the resource should be used and a short description why.>


A summary of the benefits of using this tool or resource during the change management process.

  • <Insert benefits>


Employees with advanced experience of this subject.

  • <Insert link to skills matrix with subject filter for this skill and advanced level>


Templates that can be used to support the application of this subject matter.


A more detailed explanation of the subject matter.


An example of the resource in use.

Learning and references

Supporting learning resources and articles.

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