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Depending on your business case and licence rights you might need to restrict access to your content based on geolocation. With our platform, you are capable to define default geo-restrictions that are applied to your full content library and/or set specific geo-restrictions on single assets.

Default geo-restrictions

The default geo-restrictions are useful when your streaming service is only available in certain countries or region. Any customer outside the defined countries won't be able to create an account, purchase an offer or watch your content.

For services based in the European Union, the content portability rules are applied automatically.
Read more here on how to define the restrictions for your service and content portability.

Geo-restrictions on assets

Setting geo-restrictions on single assets allows you to customise the access even further. Sometimes your licence rights might only allow you to offer an asset in one specific country or region but not everywhere your service is available. In those cases, you can overwrite the default geo-restrictions on the asset itself.

Read here how to set geo-restrictions on an asset.


VPN/Proxy blocking capabilities are not part of the base Magine platform offering. To enable VPN/Proxy blocking, please contact Magine for product capabilities and commercial terms.

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