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Halloween 🎃 2020: Socially Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is still possible -- even if you have to socially distance! Here are a few tips on making the most of the sweetest holiday of the year a bit less spooky.

See in advance what the candy situation is going to be

Many communities will have trick-or-treating maps available on sites like NextDoor. Prioritize houses who are taking precautions, such as this dad who created a candy chute, or who will be leaving candy outside with no need to ring the doorbell.

Organize a specific route with neighbors

If possible, let the neighbors know in advance that you'd like to include them on your trick-or-treating route and hear what they say. Once you know who's planning on making candy available, go to only those houses for treats and costume show-offs!

Wear a mask

Make sure everyone in your family is thoroughly masked up before heading out!

Wear gloves

...and change them every so often.

Bring hand sanitizer

Spray bottle versions are best for quit spritzes between glove changes.

Finally, make at-home halloween an event

Your trick-or-treating will probably be short, and might seem unsatisfying to an excited kid, so get them excited for the next phase of the evening by prepping some of their favorite sweets or snacks (or get them to help you do some baking!) before you leave and letting them dig in when you get home!

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