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Coinbase COVID-19 Phase 1 Triggers and Actions

Phase 1 Triggers

More than 100 instances of in-the-wild person-to-person virus transmission between people who are not close relatives/living in the same house and outside of a hospital setting, occurring within the commuting radius of a given office. Measured mortality rate remains 1% or above (10x the seasonal flu). Observed transmission rate remains above 1.5.

Phase 1 Actions

  • We may ask certain populations of employees to WFH in the impacted area (e.g. if there is a hotspot of transmission).

  • We will offer optional WFH for all employees in the impacted area (especially important for those with potentially vulnerable populations at home, the very young, very old or those with otherwise compromised immune systems).

  • We will enhance office cleaning schedules to be more frequent/in-depth, especially around areas of high traffic (elevators, meeting rooms, bathrooms, food areas) along with specific mask disposal bins.

  • We will limit office visitors to essential personnel only (and work with recruiting to e.g. move interviews to video calls where possible).

  • We will ask all leaders to start making plans for continuity of operations/identification and movement of critical workloads/personnel to other offices or to WFH.

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