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Manage Print Services

The Print Services system within GoRev allows you to create dynamic forms capable of pulling in most fields found within GoRev and on Worksheets. This guide will walk you through the functionality you can use to create and manage these forms.

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Sample Print Services Forms

We include a standard set of forms within GoRev. You can find some additional detail on these standard forms hereimage.png Appeal Templates

These samples provide a good idea on available functionality. Feel free to alter them as needed for your use case.

Creating a new Print Services Form

Navigate to the Print Services module by clicking into the Admin ribbon, Configuration drop down, and selecting Print Services.


Click New Chart


Name your form and set its category. Note, you can either select an existing category or create a new one by simply typing into the drop down box. If you create a new category it will be accessible on future forms witin the drop down


An edit form window will appear for your new form. There are two distinct types of forms.

Insert File = This type of form allows you to select a PDF as your background image. You can then drag, drop, and resize dynamic fields onto your PDF background image.

Insert Custom Page = This type of form opens up a word document type window where you can type or paste in text, images, formatting, etc. Think of this mode as similar ot if you were using Microsoft Word to create a document. Fields are added in this mode via use of the { and } brackets around the field name.


Insert File Mode

For our example, we are using this standard BCBS of Texas appeal PDF provider-appeal-request-form.pdf

After clicking Insert File and selecting this PDF you will see the below. You can begin overlaying fields on your PDF background image by clicking into the fields pane as shown below. Expand each section of fields or use the instant search box.


Once you find the field you need, double click it and it will add it centered on your screen.


Click and hold the + button then drag to the area on the background image you want the field displayed


Use the image.png symbol to resize the field. Use the up, down, left, right arrows on your keyboard for more precise field movement.

Use the image.pngsymbol to copy a field (for pasting elsewhere), to duplicate a field (places the duplicated field center screen for you to move), or delete a field.

I added the rest of the fields to our demo as shown here and clicked Save Form.


The ribbon bar contains buttons for various other functionality


For multi page forms you can use the green left or right arrows to change which page you are working on. Remove page to delete a page from the form entirely. Use the blue up and down arrows to change the order of current page you are focused on within all pages in the multipage form.


Properties allows you to shift your background image right or left and scale the size (percentage value)



Save image allows you to save a PNG image of your background. Replace image allows you to replace the background image while maintaining the placed fields and their field properties.


In case you lose your original PDF you can export it using


New Field allows you add custom text fields to overlay onto your background image


Insert Custom Page

Use this mode to work from a fully editable document. Easiest way to start is by pasting in a complete document from Microsoft Word or other documents.


I pasted in the Allowable Appeal form standard and then copied and pasted in the GoRev logo. In this mode fields are recognized by being encapsulated by the { and } characters. When you double click fields on the right it will automatically insert the field with these symbols.


In this mode the Document ribbon opens up


Insert Image let's you select an image file on your computer. Operates same way copy and paste of an image does. Once you insert an image you can resize it. You can also right click on images and use a variety of other formatting options


Insert table adds a 2 x 2 table and which can then be edited by right clicking and inserting, deleting, and splitting cells.



Highlight text and use these buttons to bold, make smaller, make larger, change color, or highlight the text in a specific collor. (right click on selected text for more granular font formatting options)


Advanced Functionality

You can use field transformations to perform various value changing operations on individual fields.

Transformation Method





Accepts the standard .net formatting methods described here

Example: {Patient Date of} or image.png

will format the date as mm/dd/yyyy



Accepts a string and will filter the value to only characters found within your string.

Example: {Primary ICN.filter('1234567890'}

This example filters the value to contain only the numbers in the string specified



Returns and displays the specified number of characters from the fields value starting from the left most character and moving right.
Examples returning the left 4 characters.
{Visit Location NPI.left(4)}




Returns and displays the specified number of characters from the fields value starting from the right most character and moving left.
Examples returning the right 4 characters
{Visit Location NPI.right(4)}




Replaces the specified value with another value.

Example changing a boolean True value to a "Yes" string

{wkAuditsRevIntegrity drug admin.replace(True,"Yes")}




Accepts no input. Standard cases any string value.



Accepts no input. Upper cases any string value.



Accepts no input. Lower cases any string value.



Accepts no input. Formats any numeric value as currency in $x,xxx.xx format.


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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