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Social Media Plan

Use this template to document your team's social media plan. Learn more about this template.

Channel Management

Some rules of thumb for channel management:

  • Refresh channels regularly

    • Ensure all social platforms remain consistent with your company's messaging and brand guidelines.

    • Refresh header images and banners periodically to align with ongoing marketing initiatives, but keep them consistent across all channels at all times.

  • Be authentic

    • Remain authentic to your team's mission and brand values by establishing a strong persona and tone that your team, as a brand, maintains on all social networks.

    • Repurpose your team's marketing language and graphics on social channels.

      • The delivery and tone should be nuanced channel-to-channel in order to tailor the message for that particular audience.

  • Engage your community

    • Like, comment, and share the content of brands, influencers, and customers to demonstrate that your team is fostering the two-way conversation that's necessary on social media.

  • Stay relevant, but responsible

    • Keep an ear to the ground for the goings-on of the industry to keep your team relevant, but be selective about how you insert your company into those conversations to avoid backlash.

    • Avoid commenting on most breaking news unless it's specific to your industry.

    • Evaluate any planned posts daily—being able to pivot as needed allows your team to avoid any PR or legal issues.

  • Incorporate visuals

    • Including photos and videos in posts is proven to boost engagement.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.43.29 AM.png
Example Social Media Template

Content Management

Your company's social media presence should include a strategic mix of programs and potential bundles or discounts, article content, events, marketing initiatives, videos, and third party content that's relevant and/or evergreen.

There are two types of content that your team can use on its channels:

  • Original content

    • Should make up one-third of all social posts

    • Includes:

      • Your company's blogs and videos

      • Your team's programs, promotions, or webinars

  • Curated content

    • Should make up two-thirds of all social posts

    • Includes:

      • User generated content (UGC)

      • Photos

      • Third party articles and blogs

When linking to pages on your website from social media platforms, your team should strive to not only link the homepage, but other relevant pages to the post to drive visibility.

Organic Community Development

Twitter and Instagram, in particular, depend on identifying and following accounts in order to gain followers in return.

Some strategies for developing communities organically include:

  • Posting relevant original and curated content to increase engagement

  • Liking, commenting on, retweeting and favoriting posts of desired or current followers

  • Conducting follow/unfollow campaigns

  • Participating in relevant Twitter chats

  • Including high-quality images in all posts

  • Reposting user-generated content and tagging users

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