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Template: Office Address and Visitor Instructions

Our current main office and corporate HQ is located at:

742 Evergreen Terrace

There is a security guard at the front desk of the building 24/7.

For Employees

You should always have 2 items with you when you arrive: your company ID badge and your phone. The doors to the the office are always locked. Hold your badge up to the reader to get in.

  • If you forget your badge, use your phone to Slack or call a colleague. If you forget your badge AND your phone, knock really hard and hope that someone hears you?

During normal business hours (7:30a-6:00p), be sure to 👋to the guard at the front desk. It's unlikely you will ever be asked for your ID, but you should keep it on you just in case.

Outside of normal business hours, you'll need your badge to get into the front door of the building as well. The card reader is located to the right of the doors, on the side closest to Flanders' house (stupid Flanders!). Show the guard your ID and head upstairs.

For Guests

During normal business hours, guests should check in with the guard and let them know they are here to visit our company. They will need to show ID.

Prior to your guest arriving, you should instruct them to go to the 2nd floor after checking in with the guard. In the 2nd floor elevator bay, they will be greeted by an iPad #welcometothefuture. That iPad hosts our guest sign-in system, Envoy. After your guest signs in and selects you as a host, you will receive a slack message, email, text, raven or message in a bottle. You can change your settings here.