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How Github built a Custom Sync from their Repos into Guru

How: GitHub, which is a development platform used by 50 million developers, has built a custom sync from their Sales Enablement team's Github repository into Guru. The Sales Enablement team at GitHub is responsible for onboarding sales personnel, and keeping them up-to-date on changes to products, pricing, and process. We leverage Guru heavily to do this and it’s accessed by our entire revenue organization. There was an existing need to migrate a batch of information from an existing GitHub repository into Guru. Instead of dedicating time toward a one-time manual effort, Github elected to build a reusable migration tool.

They wanted to provide a way for anyone with HTML or Markdown files in a GitHub Repository to easily sync these into Guru, either as a one-time migration or as a periodic or change-triggered ongoing sync. They used GitHub Actions (their built-in CI/CD) along with our Synced Content and the Manual Sync API documentation to build this GitHub-to-Guru Action available to the entire opensource community.


  • Outcome 1: As Github continues to migrate and mirror more content from their internal knowledge repositories into Guru, this has saved a "significant manual labor".

  • Outcome 2: As a software development company, it was incredibly important that they use tool stacks that are easy to configure, and require no external hardware or software - so this project helped prove Guru's API capabilities for future workflow build outs

Champion: Jon Peck, Technical Advocate (Engineering): "I help customers understand the value & capabilities of our technology, build tools & demos to enable our sales teams, and help onboard new hires."

Timelines: The initial MVP took less than 2 days. While internal Sales Enablement members offered guidance, this was an independent project supported by Jon Peck and opensource contributors.

Before Guru:

Before Guru, we didn’t have a single-source-of-truth across all products; sales personnel had to work across multiple repositories of information and/or directly contact product managers to keep up-to-speed. When they did find info, there was still a big question on whether it was up to date or accurate. On the back end, enablement, ops, and marketing had little insight into what was actually getting used by the field.

With Guru:

Guru has given us a single place where we can store and maintain all reference material relevant to our sales process, but there is still work to be done: we need to focus on ensuring that product maintainers remain responsible for updating and verifying information on a regular basis, so that our Sales Enablement team does not become a bottleneck.
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