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Grouping Assignments

You have the ability to group all assignments for a college if you'd like your student to work on all assignments at one time on one document, instead of individually.

A few notes on grouping assignments:

  1. Grouping assignments means that responses to all of the essays can be submitted at once in a single document (and you can provide feedback on all of them in the same document).
  2. All of the essays that you have confirmed for the student to write for that college will be added to a single assignment - you cannot pick and choose the ones you'd like to group.
  3. Any drafts of said essays that have already been submitted will be moved to this new assignment. These submitted drafts will be visible in the "Previous Drafts" in Draft History on the assignment card.
  4. If you send future submissions of this assignment to Prompt for review, we'll price each of the essays in the submission individually. As with all other Prompt reviews, revisions of drafts Prompt has reviewed before will be discounted.
  5. Grouping essays is not reversible.

To group essays:

  1. On a college's assignment card, click on "Group Essays"

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 7.54.07 AM.png

  1. Confirm that you want to group the essays selected and click on "Group these x essays (irreversible)"

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 7.55.07 AM.png

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