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Slack + Salesforce + Guru: features and benefits of the complete digital HQ

When companies add Guru's better way to wiki to their Slack and Salesforce digital HQ, they put knowledge at their team’s fingertips. Guru offers a number of mechanisms to save information and deliver it to teams without having to leave Slack and Salesforce.

  • Guru’s Slackbot lets people easily capture knowledge from Slack threads, categorize it, and assign an internal expert who will ensure that information stays up-to-date - all within the app. Never let a valuable info nugget get lost in a channel again.

  • Share Guru information directly in a channel or DM, without having to leave Slack to find it. This lets anyone in the company share trusted knowledge, reducing SME shoulder taps while empowering people as they benefit from knowledge.

  • Guru’s integrations help people who are working in Service Cloud. Customer support teams using Salesforce can quickly address customer needs with accurate information. Guru’s AI Suggest proactively delivers relevant knowledge based on the information in Salesforce Service Cloud tickets and Salesforce Live Chats. Knowledge is pushed directly into their workflow without any need to pause and search.

  • Serve sellers relevant information right in Sales Cloud with Guru’s Knowledge Triggers, which surface information automatically based on content or fields within Salesforce. It’s like having a sales coach on demand.

Slack keeps people connected. Salesforce stores core business data. Guru keeps the knowledge flowing. Together, it’s a combo designed to empower employees and make them more effective in a hybrid work, digital HQ environment.

What to expect from a digital HQ experience with Guru

Slack + Salesforce’s digital HQ experience promises to break down silos, let companies embrace flexibility, and automate work. With Guru, you can supercharge these efforts! Here’s how it works:

  • Guru breaks down silos, faster

    • Create a single source of truth that’s accessible to all employees where they’re already working

    • Collect information and keep it fresh with Guru’s verification process

  • Embrace flexibility by injecting knowledge into everyday workflows

    • Guru is not another destination--it lives alongside your workers in Slack and their browser

  • Automate the work of knowledge management

    • Guru automatically delivers bite-sized knowledge to people in their moment of need with contextual Knowledge Triggers

    • Guru’s iPaaS integrations and open API let companies customize their implementation and connect their knowledge systems to keep information flowing

There are numerous tangible benefits from adding Guru wiki to your digital HQ. With low-friction access to trusted knowledge, companies can measure their success:

  • Improve customer experience interactions

    • Reduce overall issue handle time

    • Decrease the time to first response

    • Increase the percentage of first contact resolution

    • Optimize the number of interactions per rep per month

    • Reduce the cost per interaction per month

  • Make employees more effective

    • Reduce time spent looking for information

    • Reduce time spent answering repeat questions

    • Decrease ramp time and increase speed to revenue for new hires

  • Make employees happier

    • Reduce employee churn

    • Increase employee engagement / happiness scores

Want to see how Guru can enhance the Slack + Salesforce digital HQ? Contact us today and learn about our partner program.

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