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Guru Editor Rewrite

In an effort to provide a best-in-class editing experience in Guru, we are undertaking a major rewrite of our Card editor functionality 👷🏼.

You may be asking yourself, "What is a rewrite?"

Guru’s editor is built on a customizable framework called Slate. In recent years, Slate has overhauled its codebase, which introduced easier feature development and new functionality for Guru’s editor to draw from. In order to fully benefit from Slate’s newest updates, it has become necessary to complete a technical rewrite of Guru’s editor from the ground up.

By rewriting Guru's editor, we will be able to deliver on:

  • More frequent feature updates 🚀

  • Improved editor performance ⭐️

  • Fewer bugs 🐛

Building this solid foundation will help us deliver on highly anticipated features that have previously been highly challenging to develop, like collaborative editing, approval workflows, and in-line commenting. We hope you are just as excited about the potential of Guru's new editor as we are.

The rewrite is currently underway and this work will be the main priority and sole focus of our Authoring and Editing Pod (the product team responsible for the content creation process in Guru) for the coming months. We recognize that this is a hefty time investment, but it is one we believe is critical to future iterations.

Some other questions you may be asking yourself:

  1. What can I expect to see over the course of the year?

    1. Our existing editor experience will remain constant while we work to build the new one. You can expect a consistent experience and prompt treatment of high severity bugs, as usual. As work on the new editor progresses, the resolution of some lower-impact bugs may be deferred until our editor is fully upgraded. If that is the case, our team will follow up with you to confirm when the issue is resolved.

  2. Will any new editing functionality be released over this time period? Like the collaboration workflows mentioned in the Guru Product Roadmap or other editing feedback items that have been submitted?

    1. Not at this time. In order to best deliver on collaboration workflows or any other editor-related feedback items, we need to first complete this rewrite of our editor. Any work we do on new functionality that relies on our legacy editor would have to be re-done once our new editor is complete, so we are opting to focus full steam ahead on the new editor rather than creating any duplicative work. The more we focus on the editor rewrite, the faster we can get it done and get back to the other editing functionality you are hoping to see in Guru.

  3. Are any other areas of the product impacted by this work?

    1. Indirectly, yes. While we are only focusing on the editor itself, the engineering pod leading this work is our Authoring pod, which does own other areas of the product beyond the editor – like tag management, to name one. So you may not see progress made in some adjacent areas of Guru while our Authoring pod focuses solely on the editor.

  4. Where can I follow along with editor progress?

    1. We will be posting updates about the editor in the Guru Community. For updates about specific functionality, you can follow individual product feedback posts, like this one focused on real-time collaboration. We will also touch on the editor work in upcoming Guru Product Roadmap sessions, so stay tuned for the next one!

  5. What should I do if I have editor feedback in the meantime?

    1. Share it in the Guru Community! We're always interested in your feedback and rely on it to help us make Guru's editor the best it can be.