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Feature QA Process

Use this template to give your team everything they need to test new features before they are released in your product.

This feature is officially ready for QA. If you are involved in testing for this feature, please use the following instructions to get started.

Pro tip: Send this Card as an announcement in Guru to the group(s) participating in the QA process.


  • Requirements: [link to Guru Card or other resource]

  • Designs: linked here

    • Please check here for the expected experience, and match to what you see in your testing

  • Related Feature Breakdown Card (overview for customer-facing teams)


  • Where to test: [link to your product]

  • Testing instructions (include video recording):

    • Step 1:

    • Step 2:

    • Step 3:

    • Step 4:

  • What to look out for when testing:

    • Deliverable 1:

    • Deliverable 2:

    • Deliverable 3:

  • Where to report issues: [link to external spreadsheet or other bug reporting system]


  • QA start: MM/DD

  • QA end: MM/DD

  • Release date: MM/DD

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