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Brandollar Connect - FAQs

What are Brandollar rewards and how do these differ from Liven?

Brandollar rewards are rewards that can only be spent with you. Brandollar rewards empowers you to create your own closed loop ecosystem of rewards. Connect will only distribute Brandollar rewards, not Liven.

I currently offer Liven. For connect, will this be changed to Brandollar rewards?

Yes, Liven will be changed to Brandollar rewards at the same reward rate you currently offer.

Can I still offer Liven if I want to?

Yes, you can offer Liven on top of Brandollar rewards if you would like. Simply reach out to your Liven account manager or Liven support and they will assist you with this.

I want to change the Brandollar reward rate for connect. How do I do this?

Currently, you need to speak to your Liven account manager or support to change this. In future, we will enable this to be changed within the Liven merchant portal.

Does this cause additional work for me or my staff?

No. The power of connect is it is designed specifically to guide the customer step by step without any input from you or staff. With that being said, we highly recommend ensuring your staff remind customers to scan receipts, CFD or in-app. Onboarding as many customers onto a loyalty system that increases average order value and frequency will have a tremendous impact on the value of that user over time for your brand.

I have additional questions about connect. What do I do?

Simply reach out to support or your Liven account manager and they would be more than happy to assist any additional questions you may have.

Do you have any advice on how to get the most out of connect?

We recommend having connect enabled for OrderUp and Abacus if you use both. In addition, it is important to chose a reward customers deem attractive. The lower the reward, the lower the conversion. Whilst this isn't necessarily a problem, it will take longer to onboard customers. The higher the conversion, the faster you onboard users into your ecosystem of loyalty which increases their value to your brand over time.

Does connect cost me anything to turn on?

No. We are giving this to our clients free of charge as an incredibly powerful feature to revolutionise your customer engagement.

Can I add connect to other ordering solutions I use like MrYum or Me&U?

No. Connect can only be used for Abacus and OrderUp to power your customer engagement strategy. If you would like to explore enabling connect for pick up, delivery, in-store, table ordering and more please reach out to discuss Abacus or OrderUp ordering.

Can I change my Brandollar reward for connect whenever I want?

Yes, you can. Just get in touch with us and we will action that for you.

How do I know the results Connect is driving?

Your account manager will provide you with data showing the impact of enabling connect for your business. We are going to make this data available in the Liven merchant portal in the near future to make it even easier to assess.

Can I change the call to action and word this to make sure it's consistent with my brand?

Yes, this can be done for Abacus but not for OrderUp.

Abacus Connect

I already print marketing at the bottom of my receipt. Will Connect affect this in anyway?

No, connect will not replace any existing material or QR codes you are printing at the bottom of the receipt. The Connect QR code and call to action will show up below this strengthening your ability to engage customers.

What happens when the customer scans the QR code. Do my staff need to do anything?

No. The customer will be guided through steps to claim their Brandollar reward in an intuitive and seamless way.

Does Abacus connect work with OrderUp connect?

Yes, these work beautifully together.

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