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Template: Sales Onboarding: Week 2

Week Two: Product, Pitch, Demo and People

Your goals are to review and build on last week’s progress and to start understanding our product and its core differentiators.

  • The Product:

    • Wrap up any remaining trainings you might have scheduled.

    • If any questions come up, reach out in the #product-questions channel in slack.

    • You can also refer to the product trainings [add your link here] and to test yourself!

  • How to talk about Guru (the pitch): Review and practice pitching Guru in a structured way. By the end of the week, be prepared to present to Dwight. Click here for a helpful guide to pitching.

  • How to demonstrate the product (the demo): practice demoing the product. By your fourth week, be prepared to give a demo for Dwight and Andy.

    • Set up a time to talk to @andy about the Operation Demo Board. He will walk you through the board so don't worry about going through it on your own.

    • For demo examples, listen to Pam's demos in Chorus.

      • To filter by person, go into "Recordings" in Chorus. On the "Filter by" bar (top bar below the search bar) click on "Rep/Team." You can choose "Sales" as the team and Cole and Tom as the "Reps." Under "Deal Info" (on the same "Filter by" bar) you can put "Discovery" for "Time of Call" and it filters to several demos.

    • If you want to practice recording yourself, you can use Loom (free service).

  • The team: To get to know the teams you'll be working with everyday, set up a meeting with @creed about CS implementations/how to best work with CS.

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