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Content Style Guide

Use this template to guide your team on creating and editing internal company content in Guru Cards. Learn more about this template.

Why document information in Guru Cards?

Shared knowledge helps us work better together. Take information that would be helpful to team members out of your head and put it into Guru to ensure important updates, FAQs, processes, etc. are accessible.

Card Contents


Cards should always have a TL;DR: (Too Long; Didn't Read) section—a brief 1-2 line explanation of what can be expected within the card. The shorter the better, as its intent is to summarize the card for people and make it easy to know if the content will be useful at a glance. The letters TL;DR: should be bolded. This allows users to quickly understand the content of a card in the search. Avoid repeating title content.


Try to limit the length of the title to 55 characters or fewer.

Follow the Card title format Topic Name: Subtopic/Keyword. Keep in mind that titles matches are more highly ranked in search than content matches.

Card titles should use sentence case.


If you're looking to add section headers, we suggest using H2, medium heading, for headers; bold paragraph type for important text to call out; and regular paragraph type for filler text. H3, small heading, is an option as well.


Creating Guru Cards with images can be helpful in reinforcing or supplementing content presented.


Please refer to [Insert your Guru Tags Card here] to be sure you're applying the right tags to any content. Do not create new tags or edit existing tags, as this can undermine the effectiveness of the search.

If you'd like to suggest a new tag for Guru, let our team know! [Insert tag request process here]. No guarantees the tag will be added, but the more requests we get (and if the use case makes sense) it could be added. 🚀


Make sure your card is added to at least one board.


Set verification quarterly to ensure the card stays updated and current.

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You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.