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Guru for Team Culture

fun ways to use guru to foster a thriving TEAM culture 😀

  • Employee Profiles
    • Help your team navigate turnover or identify Key roles based on the information found in their profile (i.e. Team, Manager, best way to work together)
    • Teammates can also utilize the About Me section to help other teammates learn more about them outside of work :)
    • Help Center Article here
  • Life Story Cards (Template: My Life Story)
    • Get to know your teammates' favorite foods/movies/hobbies and start connecting beyond "how was your weekend?"
    • Create Slack Activity Feeds for Life Story Folders/Collections so your team can get to know new hires right away!
  • Skill-sharing
    • Have some serious cooking skills? (i.e. Lazy Cast Iron Apple Pie Recipe) Maybe you're secretly an amazing cobbler. Either way, share links, videos, and tips in Guru Cards so your team can start leveling-up their hobby skills as well.
  • Local hot-spots and secret treasures
    • Fill your team in on the best restaurants, bars, and shops around town with Cards
    • Great for when remote and dispersed teams come to visit!
  • Media Diets
    • Did you just watch the most crazy Netflix doc that everyone needs to see? Share your must-watches and must-reads in Cards. It's the 21st century's version of "Staff Picks" section at your local Blockbuster.
    • Create team-specific "Top Ten" lists in Cards (i.e. "The Support Team's Top 10 Shows of 2020")
    • Get niche with it -- create Cards/Folders devoted to favorite genres (i.e. Reality TV Recommendations)
  • Work Hacks
    • Did you just find out about how much of a lifesaver the Command+G keyFolder shortcut for Guru's Chrome extension is? Make a Collection/Folder for workplace hacks like these that can make your team's life way easier.
  • Travel Tips
    • Discover the best paella spot in Spain? Know the best ways to get free airline upgrades? Help your teammates get the most out of their vacations and business trips by creating Cards with helpful tips and guides.
  • Life Hacks
    • Are you first person in your family to live abroad? Do you have a great list of baby books for new parents? There are probably others on your team that are experiencing the same things in life as you, so share your knowledge and help them grow.

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