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What is the goal of transparent team efficiency indicators?

  1. The purpose of the reports and the related metrics is reflected in one keyword: transparency. It serves us to ensure the teams are stable in long run.
  2. Secondary, it helps us to discover the potential inefficiency or misalignment early enough, put low-performing teams back on track and measure their performance.
  3. In addition, having stability indicators in shape is a signal of a high-performing team, which becomes a new standard 🚀. Ultimately, it leads towards a team gaining trust of relevant managers and stakeholders.

🔔 Indicators should not serve to punish a team or an individual.


We cover 4 main areas of team efficiency:

  1. Agility/Velocity: How fast can we deliver?
  2. Focus: Is the team set up for success by having a limited focus on roadmap-related initiatives?
  3. Predictability: Is the team's delivery stable enough so that we can make predictions on quarterly basis?
  4. Quality (TODO): Do we deliver the product in a desired quality standards?

Other areas to consider: DORA metrics, eNPS, hiring, adoption rate.


The reports are dedicated to various levels of leadership: executive, horizontal leads, and the teams.


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