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Hosting Environment Upgrade Prep Steps (Before v3.5)

This year, the InnoSoft team has been redesigning the InnoSoft Fusion hosted server architecture, which will provide several benefits to hosted clients, including:

  1. Multiple powerful hosted servers that will improve Fusion performance

  2. Auto-scaling server groups that will prevent performance degradation during periods of high usage, such as mass registrations

  3. Preventing downtime with automated recovery, in the case of underlying cloud hardware failure

  4. Faster and easier Fusion updates in the future

In order to accomplish this upgrade later in 2020, two preparatory port & URL changes are required during a Fusion update (to avoid forcing users to uninstall & reinstall Fusion). These changes will need to occur during this v3.4 update:

  1. Open port 443 or 80 (depending on whether your deployment URL is using HTTPS) from Fusion workstations to your Fusion server’s IP. This will replace your deployment URL on port 81, and result in a new Deployment URL like https://[yourclientID] (port 443)

  2. Whitelist access to a new Member Portal Bridge URL. This will look like https://[yourclientID]

    1. If you use Single Sign-On like Shibboleth or CAS, this new URL will need to be configured to work in your SSO system.

    2. If you collect digital signatures from devices, those devices' URLs/bookmarks will need to be updated.

Much less commonly, if you are pointing to the Fusion WebAPI for digital signage or custom API calls, that URL will change to https://[yourclientID]

If outbound port 443 is already open from your Fusion workstations, and individual sites do not need to be whitelisted in browsers, your IT should not need to take any steps for the above changes^.

If your Member Portal Bridge site currently uses Shibboleth as a Single Sign-On solution: The metadata of your Fusion Member Portal Bridge will need to change to the new URL. To accomplish this without having to register a new SP, we will coordinate a changeover moment with your Single Sign-On (SSO) staff. At an agreed-upon time, we will change the URL of the MPB to its new URL and your SSO staff will redownload MPB metadata. This can be done before the full Fusion update.
If your MPB currently uses CAS as SSO: we will need to whitelist https://[yourclientID]
Please ensure that any relevant SSO staff are CCed on the update ticket.

We can let you know your your client ID (letting you know how your Fusion URLs that will change), and your Fusion server IP, in your update ticket.

These are background infrastructure changes, and will not change how Fusion operates for staff or customers. Users will not have to uninstall & reinstall Fusion if we can go through these steps during a Fusion update.
The MP2 URL will remain unchanged, and your hosted Fusion server’s IP will not change during this process.

We’re excited about this opportunity to improve the hosted Fusion experience. Please let us know if you have any questions.