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Guru Governance Tips

It's useful to set a clear set of Standards and expectations for how you want your content team to approach your team's knowledge in Guru. Here is an example set of standards (feel free to adjust for your team).

In order to maintain trusted collateral and content in Guru, we will uphold the following standards for all cards and content. Content Owners, please maintain your content to prevent the following.


  • Cards that have been unverified for 30 days will be archived

  • Cards with no views in the past 180 days will be archived

  • Content must be owned/verified by:

    • Team vs. individual - useful to spread out the ownership and make verification quicker (many hands make light work), however be careful that users don't think "someone else in the group will do it"

    • Individual vs. team - useful for putting responsibility on the actual expert and ensuring active participation as "it's all on you"

  • No card to be created without at least one tag associated OR 80% of cards are tagged for easy search
  • No card to be created without being added to at least one board (some exceptions may apply)
  • All content owners are responsible for cards and boards under their team's ownership including the standards above
  • Trust score no lower than 80%

  • Average verification interval: quarterly +

  • Guru primary location to request collateral
  • User adoption: >90%

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.