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2.04.21 Guru Deep Dive: Internal Communications Without Interruptions


  1. Callie Rojewski - Customer Marketing Manager @ Guru

  2. Chandler Sopko - Product Marketing Manager @ Guru

  3. Julia Soffa - Senior Revenue Empowerment Manager @ Guru

  4. Zev Zoldan - Knowledge Manager @ Postscript

This Deep Dive will covered best practices for using Guru for internal communications, without the typical interruptions. Check out the recording to learn:

  • How Guru defines internal comms

  • How we approach to solving internal comms challenges with Guru

  • Customer Examples and Templates!


  • Read about Guru's approach to our internal comms on our blog

  • See the templates live in the template gallery

View the slides:

Full recording:

How Guru Defines Internal Comms:

How Guru is improving our Internal Comms:

Guru for Internal Comms Examples from Shopify, Brooklinen, Rise, and Postscript:

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