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OOO Template: Art Vandelay Coverage Plan


This is an example template you can use to outline coverage needs, processes, and reachability so you can recharge and enjoy your planned PTO.

PTO Dates:

  • Monday - Friday (Believe it or not George won't be at work!)


  • I'm deleting Slack so text me at 555-Get-Guru with anything urgent as outlined below

  • Slack status indicates that internal and external requests with be routed to:

    • Jerry for XYZ

    • Susan for ABC

    • Do NOT put any calls through to Lloyd Braun

  • Please call me if:

    • The Brand Team needs my updated sweat pant size

    • Elaine sees something breathtaking again

    • Steinbrenner needs those calzones

Most important Objectives while I am out:

  • Confirm next steps with Kramer and Jerry's wealthy industrialist personas

    • Please record call

  • Publishing call with Elaine

    • Please record call

  • Capture all next steps here in [Asana]

Coverage Plan by day example:


  • Weekly Call Coverage from Newman

    • Needs

    • Expected outcomes

  • Team check-in status update

    • OOO this week


  • Customer Weekly Call Coverage from Susan

  • WG Check In

  • Customer Call

    • Needs: Recording

    • Expected outcomes


  • @Team - By the end of this week, the most important piece of coverage on which I need help is ensuring we document next steps with Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer are captured in Asana.

  • All external vendors are aware that I am OOO. Thank you!

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