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Coinbase COVID-19 General Context for Triggers and Actions

The most important overall context to have here is that we’re planning for a really negative outcome. We don’t expect to see anything like this in reality. Our expectation is that the measured mortality rate (once low-severity cases are included in the overall count) will fall significantly and that we’ll see limited transmission in the west, where there will be fewer high density multi-generational housing situations.

We may also see orgs with very low risk tolerance (e.g. daycares, elder care, etc) take protective measures well in advance of the general population. That may cause pressure on employees who depend on those services, especially daycare.

Triggers and actions:

To plan ahead, please take a look at the triggers that different phases of COVID-19 and subsequent actions:

COVID-19 Phase 1 Triggers and Actions

COVID-19 Phase 2 Triggers and Actions

COVID-19 Phase 3 Triggers and Actions

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COVID-19 Coinbase Response Overview