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Reports Scheduling

Welcome to the GoRev Report Scheduling Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of utilizing the Report Scheduling Module in GoRev. Reports can be automatically generated, placed into a password protected zip file, and emailed as attachments to users.

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Configure your Attachment Password

Click your name top right and click Profile Options


Configure your email attachment password it cannot match or contain matching patterns of your actual GoRev password.


Click Save Profile

Scheduling a report for delivery

As a GoRev User, the Report Scheduling Module will allow you to send Reports on a customized, weekly schedule. In order to navigate to the Report Scheduling Module, first, begin by clicking on the Reports button in the GoRev Homepage Toolbar.

Click and run the report you want to schedule. Click Schedule This Report


Select the time of day (Schedule Timing), the days of the week, the facilities you want to run the report from, and specify the users who should receive the report.

Once complete click Save Schedule Settings.


The system will now generate the report at the time and days specified per your settings. It will zip the report and encrypt it using each users attachment password. The system will immediately email each user.

Editing an Existing Report Schedule

Click the Scheduled Reports button from any report or the general Reports UI. You will then be able see all reports you have scheduled for delivery. Click a report to highlight the row and utilize the Edit or Delete buttons to manage each.

You can also add new reports from within this UI.


Accessing the emailed reports

Beginning the Report Retrieval Process

After receiving an email from No Reply, please begin the Report Retrieval process by clicking on the “Attached File”.

Opening the Report Attachment

At this point, an Attachment Drop-down will appear on your screen. To continue, please click Open to open the attached report file.

Launching the Report File

Once the Compressed Report File becomes visible, double click on the provided report file.

Entering your Email Attachment Password

Now, please enter your Email Attachment Password into the Password Needed window and click Ok.

Opening the Scheduled Report

At this point, the View Download window should be present on your screen. To continue, click on the Open button in order to successfully open the Scheduled Report.

Note: You will have the ability to Save the report by utilizing the Save button provided.

Additional Resources


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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