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UArctic's Annual Membership Fee

UArctic's annual membership fee is calculated using a tiered approach based on the reported value of a member's annual operating budget.The following annual membership fee categories apply:

  • For members with an annual operating budget of less than EUR 10 million, the annual fee is EUR 500.

  • For members with an annual operating budget of greater than EUR 10 million, but less than EUR 100 million, the annual fee is EUR 1,000.

  • For members with an annual operating budget greater than EUR 100 million, the annual fee is EUR 3,000.

UArctic's Membership Fee Implementation Principles (PDF copy in English) include:

  • Members that are a subsidiary entity of a larger institution or organization (e.g. independent institute, branch campus, faculty, department or unit), the fee calculation will be based on the annual operating budget of the subsidiary entity.

  • Each year members are asked to update their UArctic membership profile, including the approximate value of their institutions’ / organizations’ most recent annual operating budget. If a value has not been provided by a member representative, then it will either be obtained from information in the public domain (web-site, internet, or publication) or remain in the existing fee category until the correct budget value can be established.

  • New members pay a reduced membership fee for the year they become a member of UArctic, where a 50% fee reduction is applied.

  • Any member can request the granting of a full or partial fee waiver (i.e. payment reduction or full exemption) by submitting a formal request. All members are informed of this alternative in the fee notices.

  • Both the payment of fees and requests for the waiving of fees are regarded as fulfilment of the annual membership fee obligation by members.

In settling the membership fee, the following payment options are available to members:

Invoice Request: The members are asked to choose the payment method of their preference (invoice/bank transfer or credit card), as well as submit their invoicing address when they join as members of UArctic. Existing members are asked to do this in May 2022. This information can be updated as part of the annual member update or by request issued to UArctic International Secretariat. The invoices will be sent to members by emails. Included in each invoice will be full payment details for making a cross-border bank transfer*. 

Credit Card: Payment can be made using Visa, Visa Electron, EuroCard / MasterCard, or American Express via our secure card payment platform. Nordic members can, from this same platform, choose one of the direct bank debit options available. Credit card payments are made directly to our UArctic account. The payment link is shared with all member representatives by email when it's time to collect membership fees.

Payment by Cheque: Although payment can be made by personal or company cheque, this method is not recommended as it will involve considerable delays and surcharges. Still should this be the only possible method of payment, then in addition to the membership fee an additional surcharge of €15.00 Euros must be added to the total.

Russian UArctic Members: The UArctic membership of Russian institutions is paused by the Board decision. During the pause, Russian institutions are not to pay membership fees.

Waiver Request: Also, if for whatever reason a member is unable to pay the annual membership fee, then a formal written request for the partial or full waiving (i.e. payment reduction or full exemption) of the annual fee will need to be sent to the UArctic International Secretariat. Each fee waiver request must include the following:

  • A partial fee waiver request must include: the amount of the proposed reduced payment (in Euros); the year or years for which the request applies (maximum 2-year period); and details on the reason for the request, which may include supporting documentation.

  • A full fee waiver request must include: the year or years for which the request applies (maximum 2-year period); and details on the reason for the request, which may include supporting documentation.

All fee waiver requests must be sent to


* See information below should additional details for making an international / cross-border bank transfers are needed:

Account holder information: UArctic Ry, P.O. Box 122, FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland.

Bank name & address: Nordea Bank Oyj, Satamaradankatu 5, FI-00020 NORDEA Helsinki, Finland.

Account numbers: IBAN: FI45 1544 3000 2013 48; SWIFT/BIC code: NDEAFIHH
For assistance with payments, contact; for waiver requests, contact

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