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Instructions to Update/Change my Password

This guide is intended to help users, set their own passwords or with the assistance of their parents or teachers with a working device connected to the internet.

What if I can no longer remember my password Confused1_emoji.jpg

  • Contact ECSRD Desktop Support at 1-877-327-4874, or at extension 00399 from a division desk phone.
  • You will be asked a series of questions to prove your identity, and Desktop Support will then reset your password to a temporary password.
  • Go to and enter your known username.

Update password.jpg

  • The temporary password given to you will be used in the "Old password" field.
  • New password conditions:

At least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, a number, or a symbol;

5 Previously used passwords CANNOT be re-used;

Cannot use any part of the person's first name, last name, or the username;

Minimum of 8 characters .

What if I am a New Student ? Confused_emoji.jpg

  1. Usernames are based on legal enrolment documents. First letter of first name, first letter of second/middle name and the full last name +
  2. The default password (temporary) is the first 4 characters of the ECSRD student email address (username), plus the 2-digit value of their birth month, plus the 2-digit value of their birth year. Keep in mind that the first 4 characters ARE CASE SENSITIVE. So most students would capitalize the first 3 characters unless they do not have a middle name initial in their ECSRD email address (only the first 2 characters would be capitalized)

EXAMPLE 1: Tommy Jacob Smith, email is, DOB is August 5, 2009. His default password would be: TJSm0809

EXAMPLE 2: Sara Smith, email is, DOB is January 3, 2012. Her default password would be: SSmi0112

NOTE : If a user encounters an error saying "Username or password is incorrect" and you know that you are entering details correctly, kindly contact DESKTOP SUPPORT for assistance (1-877-327-4874).

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