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Guru Governance Workshop

Rolling out or relaunching Guru can seem like a daunting task with a lot of moving parts. Many teams have questions around best-practices for managing Guru on a daily basis. In order to set them up for long-term success and increase org-wide buy-in, consider holding a Guru Governance Workshop!

The way each team manages Guru is unique to their business and culture. The overall goal of this workshop is to get all shakeholders in a room together for a sort of roundtable discussion to determine the best set of standards for their team.

Ideally this will also be a way for us to more formally capture teams' Guru strategies, so we can share best practices, iterate on the product, and learn + grow! 🌻Feel free to edit/add to this Card and the docs below! This is something we're experimenting with and want to iterate on. 🧠

Workshop Goals:

  • Form a Knowledge Council (aka a group of stakeholders who have a vested interest in Guru)
  • Build out Collection Structure & Permissions
  • Establish a content creation and verification flow
  • Agree upon a set of content standards for the entire Card lifecycle
  • Plan for long-term Guru management

Workshop Format:

  • Where: Ideally this workshop can happen in-person, while you are on-site. This helps to facilitate open discussion and brainstorming
  • Who: The Knowledge Council: Main Guru Champion(s), Admins, Collection Owners, SMEs from each department
  • How Long: At least 2-3 hours, if not more. Teams could consider including this in a company offsite, SKO, or other compelling event that may bring team members together


Before the workshop, you want stakeholders to be:

  1. Familiar with the product
  2. Thinking about their desired state with Guru
  3. If you want to give them a deck, you can use these slides (especially helpful if this is a step in a broader revamp process)

In order to spark discussion during the workshop, you can send this Governance Worksheet to the team beforehand to review:

Holding the Workshop:

  • Work through the Governance Worksheet and discussion questions
  • Consider allotting a certain amount of time to each agenda item to make sure you get through it all!
  • Set up a Zoom (even if everyone is in the room) to get the recording on Chorus
  • Maybe bring a Guru colleague for note-taking/moral support 😉
  • WhiteFolder things like Content Creation flows/Collection Hierarchy (and take pics!)

Workshop Follow Up:

  • Compile all of your notes from the workshop and consolidate them into an official Guru Governance Doc for the team
  • Follow up on remaining agenda items in subsequent calls
  • If there are a lot of changes being made to Collections/permissions, consider making a deck like this one to help visualize the changes
  • Encourage the team to stick to their Knowledge Council meeting cadence/communication plan
  • Publish finalized Governance Standards in Guru for the team to share!

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.