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Heath & Safety Policies (COVID-19 Specific)

Update - 8/23/21: In accordance with new state and county guidance, The Pioneer Collective requires all individuals to wear masks in communal spaces.

Green - (WA Phase 4 and beyond- standard operations, guests allowed, meeting rooms opened, long term safety protocols remain in place.

Our Timeline

We're going to take a more cautious approach than the official guidance allows, to ensure we get this right the first time, and we aren't forced to backtrack at a later date.

To make it very easy to understand, we have created three labels to classify our "degree of openness." We anticipate being in the yellow phase for awhile unless major advances are made or guidance from public health officials changes.

Red - (WA Phase 1)  The state we've been in during "Stay Home Stay Safe." The space is limited to essential workers, members needing to do critical work (e.g. collecting mail, printing documents, bandwidth heavy tasks). Headcount is limited to 5 people per hour using sign up sheets. All common amenities closed.

  • TPC staff works remotely

  • Essential workers or critical work

  • Guests not allowed

  • Face coverings required

  • Sign-ups limited to 5 members at a time

  • Kitchen, phone booths, amenities closed

  • Meeting rooms closed

  • Enhanced cleaning

  • One-way traffic

Yellow -  (WA Phases 2-3 When King County / Pierce County enter Phase 2 of the WA reopening plan, we will open sign-up sheets for each space and increase headcount capacity to 15 members at a time per floor. This will give every person more than 1,000 square feet of space and will allow us to stress-test our layout changes, cleaning policies, traffic flow and distancing designs. We'll also be installing physical partitions during this time. 14 days after Phase 2 begins, we will slowly begin increasing capacity, should we pass our stress test, though total capacity will remain limited. Our total membership numbers are down, so we don't anticipate situations where members are turned away. We will work to ensure that everyone gets access to the time slots they want, and can implement a "draft order" if necessary to spread out choice-priority to all members from week to week.

  • TPC staff begins working in space 

  • Members may work from the space

  • Guests not allowed

  • Face coverings required at all times when in communal areas

  • Kitchen limited use

  • Phone Booths open

  • Meeting rooms capacity at normal for Phase 3

  • Coffee & tea hours served M-Th

  • Enhanced cleaning

  • Partitioning installed

  • Additional air cleaning technology installed (e.g. UV-C, HEPA, MERV-12)

Green - (WA Phase 4 and beyond- standard operations, guests allowed, meeting rooms opened, long term safety protocols remain in place.



  • By entering The Pioneer Collective, you are confirming that you have not had a cough or shortness of breath or two or more of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: Fever, Chills, Repeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or sense of smell.

  • It is mandatory to wear a face-covering while in the space (both nose and mouth must be covered).

  • If you or someone in your household has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, please inform a staff member immediately. (


  • Building management has changed all HVAC filters and will continue to do so regularly

  • Where possible, operational windows will be opened to target six complete air changes per hour

  • MERV-13 and/or HEPA air purifiers have been installed in all coworking areas

  • UV-C fans have been installed to help circulate & purify air. You can read more here.

  • In addition to nightly cleaning, TPC Staff will make regular sweeps to disinfect high touch areas throughout the work day. 

  • Nanoseptic self cleaning surfaces on high touch areas.

  • Wipes will also be provided in all work areas. Member should abide by "gym rules," wiping down areas in which they've worked each time they leave an area.

  • Hand sanitizer will be located in common areas and all entry and exit points, however, this is not a substitute for washing your hands.

  • Members and staff are expected to wash hands per CDC guidelines when entering common areas, the kitchen, and when leaving the restrooms.


  • The common space has been re-designed to allow for proper social distancing

  • Please sit at designated spots only and refrain from moving chairs or furniture

  • Members within private offices are required to practice social distancing within their space


  • Please adhere to posted kitchen capacity limits at all times.

  • Self serve coffee and sparkling water are now available.

  • Please place all dishes in the dishwasher for a staff member to run.


  • Update - Phase 3 - 3/11/21

    • Under Phase 3 guidelines which began 3/11/21, meeting rooms have increased to usual capacities. However we are suggesting that groups take social distancing into consideration and choose a larger space when possible if their headcount is more than 50% of the room's usual capacity

  • TPC will comply with all forthcoming local regulations regarding limitations on gathering sizes.

  • Wipe down all used items with disinfectant upon leaving the meeting room.

  • Update - Phase 4 - 6/30/21

    • Under Phase 4 guidelines which began 6/30/21, meeting rooms are operating back at their pre-Covid full capacities.