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Resources for Managing Information Overload

Strategic Communication involves setting explicit digital-focused guardrails, creating collaborative knowledge-driven cultures, and crafting digital wellness charters in order to balance digital and physical lifestyles. Recommended readings and listening selections provide further insight into the practices of effective strategic communications.


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Foundational Elements for Strategic Communications

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Digital by Default Communications

Best Practice: Digital by Default Comms
Template: The Golden Rule of Internal Communication

Explicit Guardrails

Best Practice: Setting your OOO (Out of Office)
Template: Best Practice - Slack Posting Etiquette
Template: Team Charter

Template: User Manual on how to work with me
Modern People Leader Podcast episode

Ritualized Digital Touch Points

4 Ps for Good Meetings


Via a Knowledge-driven culture


Personal Strategies

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Recommended reading and listening

Information Overload Survey

Survey Link:

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