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Report: Roadmap board

The purpose of the report is to gain an overview of real-time roadmap progress.

Expectation is to achieve over 80% roadmap completion at the very end of the quarter.

If the roadmap progress has not an increasing tendency, we can make a call to either adjust the roadmap content or to change the tactics how a team plans to achieve their goals.

Answers for

  • How far are we from completing the roadmap?
  • Is the progress incremental or exponential?
  • Are we blocked in case of a low progress?

Quarterly preparation phase

The roadmap is just a visualization of tactic to achieve our goals, saying what are the increments and epics as specific steps leading us to the goal.

We must pay attention to how team prepare their roadmap:

  1. Value mapping session: choose the top 2-3 most meaningful initiatives contributing to the quarterly goals.
  2. Inception sessions: slice initiatives to epics/increments of short duration, typically 1 month.
  3. Final planning: Resolve inter-team dependencies and ensure the team can handle the expected capacity. Pay attention to how much time the team spends working on or off-roadmap; as well as to leftovers from the previous quarter, if any.
  4. Representation: translate the tactics to Jira with all the initiatives, child increments and child epics. Apply the quarterly label in them.


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