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Recharge - Ohi Checkout Setup

This guide covers how to hook up Recharge checkout to the Ohi powered buttons

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What does Ohi - Recharge Integration Provide

Beginning with instant delivery in under two hours, Ohi combines advancements in operations, marketing, and technology to accelerate your direct-to-consumer e-commerce growth.

We integrate with your existing direct-to-consumer website, providing instant delivery and other powerful post-purchase experiences that accelerate DTC sales growth.

Connecting Ohi to Recharge Provides:

  • Fast, Convenient and Sustainable Delivery Offer instant delivery options, including 2 hour delivery, scheduled same day delivery and next day delivery. Align your brand with Ohi’s sustainability mission, centered around packaging, transportation, and a carbon-neutral e-commerce fulfillment solution your customers will love.

  • A Nationwide Micro-Fulfillment Network Inbound once to our hubs, and gain access to all Ohi’s micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs). Ohi allows you to position your inventory hyperlocal to customers in major metro areas such as New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco (SF), Chicago, Philadelphia, and more. Enable ultrafast direct-to-consumer delivery that is surprisingly easy for your operations team to manage.

  • Your Brand, Front and Center Own the customer experience from start to finish, building deeper brand recognition and loyalty every step of the way—from checkout and order tracking, to delivery and unboxing.Instant commerce is the key to unlocking your DTC/D2C brand’s next growth gear, and we’ve got the ROI to prove it.

  • Delivery on your Customers Terms Ohi empowers your end customers with a wide range of delivery preferences after they've ordered. Flex Up delivery options include same-day delivery; scheduled delivery in a four-hour window, up to seven days out; and standard delivery (non-Ohi).

Eligible customers automatically receive a Flex Up email or SMS after checkout, giving them the option to tap into these powerfully convenient delivery options.

  • Technology That Guides Growth Understand SKU-level demand and operational priorities at any given time with our robust inventory/order management and e-commerce fulfillment platform, so you can know more and do less.

Get started with Ohi

Create an Account

Don’t have an account set up yet? Reach out to us to get your Ohi Account Setup


Add Ohi Plugin to your store

Add Ohi to your store:


Need help getting the Ohi app installed? See Ohi Shopify Install instructions.blob

Setting up ohi shipping option in Shopify

Adding Ohi to Shopify

Rates by Ohi (Ohi Carrier Service) will appear under the "Carrier and app rates" tab. This is a good place to troubleshoot if our options are not showing up at checkout (click "Add rate" to add it).


In "Shipping and delivery", you can manage the various rates the client has set up. Click "Manage rates" to edit.


Adding Ohi to Recharge

Connect Shopify rates to ReCharge

If you're using the Shopify Checkout Integration, Recharge Shipping Zones and Rates are not compatible. You must set up and maintain your shipping settings in Shopify, refer to the dedicated guide for setting up shipping.

Additional Recharge Shipping Zones resource


Recurring Shipping Rates (Recommend)

We recommend you set the shipping rates to dynamic to ensure the shipping rates can stay up to date.


Rescheduling a subscription order

Consumers with subscription orders that fall under the Ohi coverage will receive a merchant branded text message letting them know their order is getting ready to be shipped. If the consumer would like to reschedule or set a specific time for delivery within a 7 day window they will click on the link provided.

image (1).png

The consumer will then have an opportunity to Schedule their delivery to a more appropriate time that works with their schedule. image.png

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