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Employee Handbook

Use this template to document your team's employee handbook and company policies. Learn more about this template.

What is The Company Employee Handbook?

Great question! The Company Employee Handbook contains all the good stuff that we live by as a team. From policies to benefits, this provides go-to guidance on what is expected of and afforded to everyone on the team. It is a series of living documents that will grow and change as we do.

Why does it matter?

The Employee Handbook is in place to codify the principles that we stand for as a team (e.g., fostering diversity and inclusion; creating a workplace free from harassment and discrimination). While we aim to maintain our agility so that we can best adapt towards our goals without bureaucratic systems getting in the way, we do want to build a simple and straightforward structure that guides our growth.

What's in the Employee Handbook?

Here's a quick overview with links to all the pieces that make up our Employee Handbook:

  • Our Policies and Benefits
    As a note, these Cards represent the high-level synthesis of our policies. The fully outlined policies are uploaded on each of the Cards and will be available in your documents in our HR software once you have signed the policies.

    • [Create a new Guru Card for each of your policies and link to it here.]

  • Our Workplace Guidelines

    • [Create a Guru Card for your workplace guidelines and link to it here.]

  • Our People Team and Main Points of Contact

    • [Create a Guru Card on how to contact your people team and link to it here.]

Who do I reach out to with questions?

You should reach out to your manager if you want to know more.

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