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Template: Product, Design and Engineering Pillars

What are pillars?

  • Pillars represent general strategic initiatives of the company that are not expected to change frequently, if ever.

  • They are semi-autonomous groups with dedicated leaders who make strategic and organizational decisions on behalf of the pillar’s initiative.

  • They're made up of of multiple pods (teams) that all share in the initiative but have different objectives.


Pillars were first implemented by Guru in January 2021 ("Product Growth" and "Core").

How do Pillars operate?

  • Each Pillar is assigned 3 leaders (DRIs): 1 each from Design, Engineering, and Product.

  • Pillars have a long-standing objective they are intended to operate under (i.e. "Product-Led Growth")

  • Staffing & organization is run autonomously within a Pillar: hiring, pods, team reassignments, etc. are all decided by the Pillar's leadership group.


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