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Template: Brand Colors

Here are our official brand colors. Most colors are pulled directly from the actual product. For consistency's sake, please take care to use these exact colors.

Color Family Hex Codes


Asset 10@2x.png#4BE4B4 (main brand color)
Asset 9@2x.png#86EFCE
Asset 8@2x.png#D9EEFE

Additional Colors:

Asset 13@2x.png#A63DF9
Asset 14@2x.png#005DFF
Asset 12@2x.png#FFE066
Asset 11@2x.png#F21969


Asset 7@2x.png#090B0E (black)
Asset 6@2x.png#242C38
Asset 5@2x.png#525A66
Asset 4@2x.png#EBEEF2
Asset 3@2x.png#F5F7FA
Asset 2@2x.png#FFFFFF (white)

Asset 10@2x.png *More exact color match:

  • Pantone Matching System (PMS): 3385 C

  • RGB: R75 G228 B180

  • CMYK: C-57% M-0% Y-44% K-0%

Need exact color matches for another color? Please ask the Brand team!

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