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Free vs. Pro Workspace


Learn about the benefits of using A.I Vision professional workspace to buy forecasts and earnings calls versus using the VOD site and the free workspace version. Please try the free version before purchasing the professional one for a low annual fee. The pro version is available in the investor portal.Watch a demo of the pro version. VOD content not included. Required in-app purchase.


You receive full credit for the VOD Pro version with your first purchase in the app if it occurs within 30 days.


Please use the following table to compare the experience buying from the VOD site versus buying on A.I Vision professional workspace

Paymentcredit cardTransferWise; bank transfer
Technical supportYY
Content deliverywebsiteplatform
Standalone platformY
Most recent versionY
Automatic views (1)Y
Apps (2)Y
Dashboards (3)Y
Warranty (4)Y
Better pricing (5)Y
Trading support 7 days Y
Ask Alex before buying (6)Y
Support chat Y
New VOD tiles (7)Y
Outstanding offersY
Investor portalY
Private spaceY
Free for gold membersY

Automatic views (1)

  • Full library gallery view

  • Special calls gallery view

  • Company not disclosed gallery view

  • List of all content

  • By category

  • By investment time-frame

  • Calendar view

  • Coming content

  • Live content

  • For limited-budget

Available apps (2)

  • Instructions on how to use

  • Search workspace and per view

  • Most recent content

  • List of companies and content per ticker

  • Video

  • Order form to buy from Alex

  • Outstanding offers

  • Alex support

Available dashboards (3)

  • VOD main dashboard

  • Sales

  • Support

Warranty (4)

Since all VOD content is recorded in real-time being the market highly volatile, sometimes it might be useful to add additional comments. Don't worry! We have you covered.You get free updates for 30 days when:

  • The author considers paramount, and/or very helpful to add additional comments, and/or he decides to change his mind.

  • In this case, you will receive updates delivered to your private investor portal account free of charge, for the original VOD item you purchased.

Pricing (5)

Besides outstanding offers, you can benefit from custom pricing, save 50% on valuable market analysis, and other alternative buying options not available on the site. For instance, save thousands of dollars

  • buying special packs

  • 50% OFF on invaluable market analysis (*)

  • buying VOD content for 1-year for the company of your choice including all updates versus buying individual items.

  • and much more disclosed to users only.

Special offer (*) not available to professionals.

Ask Alex before buying (6)

Would you like to talk to Alex. Book an appointment online. Save 30% on your first consultation.

New VOD Titles (7)

Alex guarantees that the most recent forecasts and earnings previews are available through the professional version only. They are not necessarily announced on the VOD site give paying users competitive advantage compared to free users.

Ready to buy?

Buy the professional VOD workspace version, or get it free as a gold member.