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Intercom Articles <> Guru Sync

This Card contains details about how Guru's own Services Team built a one-way sync between Intercom Articles and Guru for our own Help Center.

This sync was built specifically to work with Intercom and does not directly translate to working with another support tool, such as Freshdesk. Please contact Services Studio with any requests to build a custom sync with another support tool.

while the Guru Services team has documented these various integration scenarios based on our own internal use of a Guru <> Intercom unidirectional sync, the Guru Service's team does not formally support this feature on an ongoing basis. Use this code at your discretion. We are not responsible for any potential bugs or maintenance needs of this code.

Feature specifications:

  • This is one way sync from Intercom Articles into Guru. Users must update content in Intercom and then the corresponding Card in Guru will update.

Environment variables required:

  1. INTERCOM_API_TOKEN, which is an intercom API token that has access to read articles.

  2. GURU_API_USER, which is the email address of the account that'll be the author/owner of the cards in guru.

  3. GURU_API_TOKEN, which is that user's API token.

Github repository link:

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.