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Email Notifications for Live

The Verbit platform automatically triggers several email notifications whenever a certain stage was reached or significant change was made on the account's Live bookings.

Email Notifications for Live

Booking Confirmation Emails

The Verbit platform automatically sends an email confirmation to all participants for each successful booking.


Trigger: Immediately after a session or a series is booked successfully
Recipient: Booker and all participants

Note: If a recurring session was booked, only one booking confirmation email is triggered.

Automated Pre-day Validation Email

The Verbit platform automatically sends a request to review and update the booking details 24 hours ahead of the event.

Trigger: Exactly 24H before the scheduled start time of an upcoming session.
Recipient: All participants

Note: Participants can safely ignore this email if no changes has to be made

30-min Reminder Email

The Verbit platform automatically sends a reminder about an upcoming session exactly 30 minutes before the session starts.
The reminder emails will have the links relevant to the speaker and attendees.


Trigger: Exactly 30-mins before the scheduled start time of an upcoming session
Recipient: One custom email for the speaker and one custom email for all attendees


Verbit Live Support may proactively attempt to reach out to the student and/or the school's admin to attempt to resolve the issue during the first few minutes of the event.

This is also to notify the end users that we are aware the service has not started due to reasons that can be addressed on the meeting setup either by the host or the end user. A few common reasons are:

  • The meeting has not started

  • Verbit Captions is unable to join the meeting because the meeting link in the booking details is invalid or is producing an error

  • Verbit Captions is not let-in by the host or was given the wrong permission

  • Verbit Captions is yet to receive a copy of the API token from the host of a Zoom event

Trigger: None as this is sent by Verbit Support manually upon issue identification
Recipient: All attendees and/or the Admin

Note: Alternatively, the end user and/or Admin can reach out to Support through Support CHAT


The Verbit platform automatically send the complete transcript after the session has ended.


Cancelation Confirmation Email

The Verbit platform automatically sends a receipt for any cancelation done on the platform.


Trigger: Immediately after a session or a series is canceled.
Recipient: All participants and Verbit Captions 

Note: For recurring sessions, if an entire series was canceled, only one cancelation confirmation email is sent.

Session Update Email (Internal Only)

The Verbit platform automatically notifies Verbit Captions whenever the meeting link is updated.


Trigger: Whenever the meeting link is added or changed.
Recipient: Verbit Captions

Note: Deleting the meeting link does not trigger the email.

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