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Template: Guru's Knowledge Philosophy

What is this card for?

Seek and Share Knowledge is core to everything we do - and build - at Guru. This aims to scale that sense of a knowledge-centric culture and ingrain it into the fibers of our company and team, allowing us to live what we’re building, selling, marketing and supporting.

Our philosophy in a nutshell

  • Knowledge exists to serve a purpose.

  • The measure of good knowledge is if it helps someone do their job better.

  • Knowledge is dynamic, not static.

  • Knowledge gets better with feedback and collaboration.

  • Make the knowledge for the Knowledge consumer!

How we make this real

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I creating this knowledge for?

  • How are they going to use it?

  • In what situations will they need this knowledge?

  • How will I know if they get value from the knowledge?

  • How will I gather feedback, metrics, and then iterate?

  • Is my knowledge formatted and tagged correctly?

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