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Knowledge Slash & Burn

What: Knowledge Slash & Burn (or "Konmari", or "Quick Audit")

No seriously, what?: It's like an audit but it can be done in a 60-minute meeting.

Why: Your team knows they have a knowledge clutter problem and would like to get rid of a lot of cards now, but don't know where to start.


  • Improve search by archiving cards that people don't use or don't trust

  • Identify patterns in the waste to propose new governance rules


  1. Run each Card Manager filter (listed below)

  2. Discuss what patterns you observe in this knowledge

  3. Decide what action to take on the cards: Archive, Reassign, or Leave

  4. For everything you don't Archive, write down a plan to Improve that knowledge

Card Manager Filters:

  1. Unused Knowledge:
    Last Viewed > More than > 365 Days Ago

  2. Untrusted Knowledge:
    Trust State > is > Untrusted AND
    Last Verified Date > more than > 90 Days Ago

  3. Can't-Get-Trusted Knowledge:
    Verifer > has no Verifier OR name of a person who has left the company

  4. Static Knowledge:
    Last Modified Date > more than > 365 Days Ago

  5. Ghost Knowledge:
    Last Modified By > is > [someone who no longer works here] OR
    Last Verified By > is > [someone who no longer works here]

Recommended Next Step:

  • Use the patterns and learnings you uncover to start a complete audit or prepare for a governance workshop.

  • Survey a sample of users a week after this. Are they having an easier time finding knowledge?

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