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Template: Sales Onboarding: Week 1

Week One: Product, Messaging, and Personas

Your goals are to set up your workspace and gain a familiarity about GreatCo.'s product, ideal customer profile, and core customer personas.

  • Getting Started!

  • The Product

    • GreatCo. trainings: Check out this Board of Cards that review product trainings broken down into themes and features [add your link to Cards, Boards or files]

  • How to understand the personas and the competition

    • Check out our competitive positioning [add your link to Cards, Boards or files]. The generic categories (i.e. paper vs papyrus) will be helpful to start, and then you can drill down into specifics (i.e. Competitive Battlecard) as needed.

    • Personas [add your link to Cards, Boards or files]

    • Set up time with @michael from Product Marketing to talk about Guru's positioning and competitive landscape.