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Community Spotlight: Tamara Lewis & Laurie Toomey, Airtable

Tamara and Laurie were able to build a content submission workflow for their Support team using Slack Workflows, Zapier HTTP connectors, and Guru API.

Slack is where most of Airtable's product discussion and inquiries happen, and they wanted an easy way for anyone at Airtable to add a product knowledge card to Guru without having to be familiar with the Guru landscape. They didn’t want them to have to know what collection, what board, what expert, and what time interval to set things to - just a simple “Submit” directly from Slack so that the “Guru Authors” could then take that submitted card and transform it into an official card utilizing all their established best practices and internal organization.

Tamara worked with Laurie to build a Slack Workflow that is triggered when any employee uses the Guru Emoji on any conversation. The emoji triggers a workflow to submit the threaded content into Zapier to trigger the Guru's API POST call to create the card submission in their Content Submission Collection. Once the submission is complete, Tamara assigns verification to the proper Author.

"The process so far has been quite successful. We have three dedicated slack channels on which we have set this up. Anywhere from 4-7 submissions/week of new card content from Slack conversations have been submitted over the past month. We set a goal of having these submissions turned into verified cards within a week of submission by our Authorship team. Most submissions turn into valid cards. There are a few that end up being context that is added to an already existing card around the same topic." - Tamara


  • Tamara Lewis, Support Operations (Admin & Champion)

  • Laurie Toomey, Product Specialist (as Tamara says, “API Genius”)

Timelines: Tamara created the workflow idea and built it in 2-3 hours. Laurie discovered our API documentation and built out the Zap with the correct API endpoint within ~2 hours.

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