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Insurance Carrier Management

Welcome to the GoRev Administrative Insurance Carrier Management Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of adding new Insurance Carriers, editing existing Insurance Carriers, and deleting unwanted Insurance Carriers as an Administrator in GoRev.

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1 : Navigating to the "Carriers" Module

As a GoRev Administrator, the Carriers module will allow you to manage Insurance Carriers for your Facility.

Utilizing the Configuration Menu

In order to navigate to the Carriers module, first, begin by clicking on the “Configuration” menu in the Admin Toolbar.image.png

Selecting the Carriers Option

Once the Configuration menu becomes visible, please click on the “Carriers” option in this menu.image.png

2 : Adding a New Insurance Carrier

At this point, the Carrier Management window will be visible.

Utilizing the Menu Button

In order to add a a new Insurance Carrier to the GoRev System for your Facility, first, begin by clicking on the Menu button in the Carriers section of this window.

Selecting the New Option

Once the Carrier Management menu becomes visible, please click on the “New” option from the list.image.png

Entering the Insurance Carrier Name

After the information in the General Tab of the Carrier Information area becomes blank, please enter the Insurance Carrier name into the Carrier Name field in this area.image.png

Defining the Finclass Prefix

Next, please enter the appropriate Finclass Prefix into the corresponding field provided.image.png

Selecting the Claim Filing Indicator & ECS ID Type

After entering this information, please select the required Claim Filing Indicator from the corresponding menu in this area.

Now, please select the Electronic Claims Submission ID Type that you require from the “ECS ID Type” drop-down menu.

Entering the NM1 ECS ID

Next, please enter the required NM1 Electronic Claims Submission ID into the “ECS ID (NM1)” field provided.image.png

Selecting the Billing Type

After entering this information, please select the appropriate Billing Type from the corresponding drop-down menu.image.png

Entering the Insurance Carrier's Contact Information

Now, please enter the Insurance Carrier's AddressPhone Number, and Fax Number into the corresponding fields provided.

Utilizing the Carrier Management Checkboxes

Next, if necessary, please disallow Statement Auto Approval and/or Use of the Carrier by using the Disallow Statement Auto Approval and Disallow Use checkboxes provided.image.png

Now, if necessary, please allow Automatic Eligibility and/or Auto Charging of Patients by utilizing the Enable Automatic Eligibility and Auto Charge Patient checkboxes in this area.image.png

Navigating to the "Filing" Tab

After entering all of the required information in the General tab, please navigate to the Filing tab by clicking on the corresponding tab in this area.image.png

Entering Filing Information

At this point, the Filing section will be visible. To continue, please enter the Timely Filing Duration, the Corrected Claim Timely Filing, and the Appeal Timely Filing Duration into the corresponding fields provided.image.png

Selecting the ICD-10 Effective Date

After entering this information, please select the required “ICD-10 Effective Date from the corresponding menu in this area.

Selecting Accept Assignment

Now, please select the Accept Assignment option you require from the corresponding menu provided.image.png

Note: Option A is Assigned. Option B means that Assignment Accepted is on. Option C is Not Assigned.

Defining Additional Filing Information

Next, please enter the Secondary Payer ID, the Secondary Provider ID, and select the appropriate ID Types by utilizing the corresponding fields and menus in this area.image.png

After defining this information, please enter the required Outpatient Bill Type into the corresponding field provided.image.png

Adding Commentary

Now, please use the “Notes” field in this area to leave any commentary that you require.image.png

Navigating to the "Claim Generation" Tab

After entering all of the required information in the Filing tab, please navigate to the Claim Generation tab by clicking on the corresponding tab in this area.image.png

Utilizing the "Claim Generation" Checkboxes

Once the Claim Generation area becomes visible, if necessary, please Allow Corrected Claims, enable Do Not Bill, and/or Disallow NDC's on Claims using the corresponding checkboxes in this tab.image.png

Entering the ETIN

Next, please enter the required Electronic Taxpayer Identification Number into the “ETIN” field in this area.image.png

Defining Anesthesia Information

Now, please enter the appropriate Anesthesiologist and CRNA/Assistant Percentages into the corresponding fields provided.

Additionally, if you would like to divide Anesthesia Claims, please click on the Split Anesthesia Claims checkbox in this area.

Entering Drop Modifiers

Next, please enter the required Drop Modifiers into the corresponding field on your screen.image.png

Saving the New Insurance Carrier

In order to save the newly created Insurance Carrier, first, begin by navigating to the General tab in this window.image.png

Once the General tab is visible, please click on the “Save Carrier” button in this tab to finish adding the Insurance Carrier to the GoRev System.

Locating the Newly Added Insurance Carrier

At this point, the newly added Insurance Carrier will be present in the Carriers list on your device.image.png

Note: If you have difficulty locating your newly added Insurance Carrier, please use the Search field in this area to aid in your search.image.png

3 : Editing Existing Insurance Carriers

Selecting the Required Insurance Carrier

In order to Edit an existing Insurance Carrier, first, begin by selecting the required Insurance Carrier from the list in this window.

Editing the Selected Insurance Carrier

After the information for the selected Insurance Carrier becomes visible in the General tab of the Carrier Information area, please edit any of the information in the GeneralFiling, and Claim Generation tabs that you require.image.png

Saving the Edited Insurance Carrier

Once you are finished, please save the edited information by clicking on the “Save Carrier” button in the General tab of this area.

4 : Deleting Unwanted Insurance Carriers

Selecting the Required Insurance Carrier

In order to Delete an unwanted Insurance Carrier from the GoRev System, first, begin by selecting the required Insurance Carrier from the Carriers list.

Utilizing the Delete Button

Now, please click on the Menu button present in the Carriers section of this window.

Once the Carrier Management menu becomes visible, please finalize the removal process by clicking on the “Delete” option in this menu.

Additional Resources

GoRev Support Team

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems regarding this GoRev Tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by submitting an IT Support Ticket, by phone at 1-(317)-794-3900, and/or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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