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Where Do Guru Employees Work?

Where our team works doesn’t matter as much as how you’re working

Work from one of our hub offices, the comfort of your own home, a combination of both, or choose your own adventure! You're the best person to decide where you do your best work!

here's how we distinguish between hybrid model and remote perks

🏢 Hybrid Model - You’re an employee who has designated your primary work location as one of our hub locations (PHL or SF) whether or not you're working from an office at present. We'd like you to come to the office at least once a week and enjoy:

  • Catered lunches on Tuesday & Thursday

  • Stocked kitchen/pantry for beverages & snacks

  • Monthly in-person events

  • Dog-friendly office environment

  • Desk Hoteling (dedicated desk if you're in the office three or more days a week)

  • Bookable Zoom rooms via Google Calendar

  • One-time $500 Work-from-Home stipend for your initial home office setup

🏠 Fully Remote - You’re an employee who has elected and confirmed a fully remote designation

  • $100 monthly food stipend

  • Monthly curated snack box

  • Monthly virtual remote events

  • Semi-annual Hub visits (with manager approval)

  • One time $1000 Work-from-Home stipend for your initial home office setup

In addition, all employees are eligible to work from anywhere for up to two months per year!

⭐️ Our goal is to create consistent, enriching employee experiences via digital by default collaboration and communications - defined as the intentional, asynchronous way in which we work to optimize and standardize experiences in a distributed environment. ⭐️

👀 For more on How We Returned to Office, our intentionality behind going Digital by Default, and Guru's Golden Rule of Internal Communications, feel free to explore these links!

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