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Where Do Guru Employees Work?

Where our team works doesn’t matter as much as how you’re working

Work from our office in Philadelphia, the comfort of your own home, a co-working space, a combination of both, or choose your own adventure! You're the best person to decide where you do your best work!

how guru deploys a hybrid model

Guru moved to a hybrid model of working in 2022 -- meaning we have employees who work from our headquarters (HQ) every day, and we have employees who are fully remote. All Guru employees enjoy the same perks & benefits - agnostic of work location. The office is one of many tools to help get work accomplished vs. the only place in which work can happen. There will always be a place for in-person connection and in-office collaboration, though for some of our team, it will be far less frequent.

⭐️ Our goal is to create consistent, enriching employee experiences via digital by default collaboration and communications - defined as the intentional, asynchronous way in which we work to optimize and standardize experiences in a distributed environment. ⭐️

👀 For more on How We Returned to Office, our intentionality behind going Digital by Default, and Guru's Golden Rule of Internal Communications, feel free to explore these links!

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