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Self-love in the time of Corona: An aspirational routine

WIP to keep myself accountable

Take the Corona Challenge - for Screen/Life balance


  1. Wake up phone free, perhaps to an ⏰and without the news cycle. Don’t worry, the news will be there in an hour

  2. Drink and enjoy a glass of lemon water. Take any daily supplements (vitamin C?). Instead of choking them down, notice that they are a part of your self-care

  3. Whilst drinking coffee, write something with pen and paper. I write in my journal about the things for which I am grateful. I also started writing a daily letter/thank you note. 💌

  4. Get dressed for the day before you start working 👗

Throughout the day

  1. Get outside and walk

  2. Stretch (there are a ton free virtual offerings and virtual workouts)

  3. Consciously unplug from technology for a period of time. See how it feels

  4. Take care of your mental health by taking a break to really breath. Mental health resources


  1. Hang out. Try a virtual cocktail party, book club, birthday party, netflix watch party

  2. Remember SSR?

  3. Unplug from the phone/devices an hour before bed

  4. Content! Here's a collaborative spreadsheet of books, movies, recipes, music, etc.