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COVID-19 Policy

As MCC moves into its fourth season managing our programs during a pandemic, it is important to articulate the norms that we expect our staff and AmeriCorps members to operate within as we, in good faith, attempt to keep our organization healthy and resilient. MCC takes community well being seriously, and we are committed to mitigating the risks that could lead to exposure or transmission of COVID and other viruses within our staff, on our crews, and in the communities we serve.

The best way for MCC staff and participants to ensure a safe working environment is to obtain a Covid-19 vaccination. For more information on vaccinations visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

Note in 2023 MCC is no longer tracking COVID-19 Incident cases in Salesforce.

MCC COVID-19 Screening and Return to Work Policy:

Screening for COVID-19 prior to hitch, training event, or coming into the office:

  • If a staff member or MCC participant is demonstrated COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get tested (PCR test if possible).
  • If a staff member or MCC participant is living with an individual that tested positive for COVID-19, they should get tested if symptoms develop. Continue to monitor symptoms for 5-10 days.
  • Crew members with symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 can remain in the field (avoid the kitchen area, mask in a rig, maintain 6 feet of distance, and do not work with active symptoms) if they are well enough to do so.
  • If you were exposed to someone with a known positive case of Covid-19, you should wear a mask in indoor spaces and while traveling in vehicles, for 5 days from your time of exposure.
  • If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please notify all of your colleagues in which you were in contact with so they can be informed about this direct exposure to Covid-19. Following an exposure, mask for 5 days (see above).
  • Staff disclosure of other people's medical condition should be avoided.

Returning to the office or field after COVID-19:

Members or staff that were positive for COVID-19 can return to work after:

  • Symptoms improved, no fever for 24 hours without the assistance of medications and,
  • 5 days since symptoms first appeared
  • Wear a mask until 10 days from symptoms onset

If you tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms:

  • You can return to work after 5 days since the positive test
  • Wear a mask until 10 days post positive test.

If you tested negative for COVID-19, but are symptomatic, return to work when you are feeling well enough to do so. Consider masking out of courtesy for others.

Additional Regional Office and Field Guidance

We base our program protocols on the following mitigation strategies:

  • Perform daily health and symptom checks.
  • Ensure staff and members perform personal protective measures (handwashing in the office and in field kitchens).
  • Use masks in vehicles and in office spaces when necessary to prevent concentrated COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • Plan for possible outbreaks and provide COVID-19 evacuation options for crews on hitch if necessary.

For the purposes of this document, “member” refers to all of those involved with MCC: crew members and leaders, IPP interns and fellows, and youth participants.

Individual Member - COVID-19 Mitigation Tasks

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow.
  • Use masks when traveling in vehicles or in MCC office spaces if there are known COIVD-19 cases present on a crew or within office staff.

Hitch/Camp Safety Procedures

  • If someone is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, they should not be preparing food.
  • Wash your hands before cooking, serving, or eating group food.

Responding to Illness or COVID-19 Symptoms in the Field

  • All members must disclose any illness or COVID-19 symptoms prior to starting a hitch and during your hitch.
  • Any member exhibiting signs of any illness while on hitch, should alert leaders and immediately self-quarantine in place while symptoms are monitored.
  • Self-Isolate the member exhibiting COVID symptoms and notify regional staff.
  • If symptoms worsen over a 24 hour period, immediately activate evacuation procedures.
  • If symptoms are mild, the member can remain in the field but self-isolated for at least 5 days.
  • The affected member should wear a mask at the onset of symptoms and anyone coming into close contact.

Evacuation Procedures for COVID-19 symptoms

  • Call/Contact MCC staff to initiate emergency response plan.
  • Notify the project partner and keep them informed of the situation.
  • If driving out is possible and appropriate, put the person in the far back of the vehicle, with some air ventilation, wearing a mask. Driver must wear a mask with windows ajar for air ventilation.
  • Upon return from the field, get a COVID-19 test.

*This is the most current policy and it will be updated based on changing conditions (10.2.2023)*

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