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How to change the primary editor for an IEC EN Student

  1. On the Organization Support dashboard, search for the student's IEC or organization. Select the student's counselor from the list of counselors

  2. In the table of students that appears below the table of counselor, select the student whose primary editor you want to change

  3. Select a new editor in the "primary sage" dropdown above the table of students.

Note that the student's organization must have an active Editor Network (here's how to turn on EN for an organization) and you will only be able to assign an editor who is already in the organization's editor network to a student in that organization (here's how to add editors to an EN).


You can also change a student's assigned editor on the EN Ops Dashboard if you know editor that the student is currently assigned to. On the EN OPs Dashboard, select the organization, and then select the student's current editor. In the table of "Matched Students," select the student whose editor you want to change, and change their editor using the dropdown above the table.


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