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Template: Release Note: [New Feature] – Feature Breakdown

Release date:

  • Live in Stage:

  • Live for All/Specific customers:

  • Marketing Launch:

What is this feature?

What does it look like?

  • Internal screenshots (source from Eng)

  • Product video

Why does this feature exist?

[What problem does it solve]

Why does the buyer care?

What's in it for relevant personas like...
Sales enablement:
Sales reps:

Can we talk about it?

[Yes/No and why]

How do we talk about it?

Release Details:

  • Edition:

  • Slack Channel:

  • Use case: [insert Sales/Support/Org-Wide]

  • Pod:

additional Resources:

  • How to demo this (if tier one feature)? - Sales Engineer to provide

  • Link to Help Center documentation

  • Anything else?


  • Links to relevant Product FAQ Cards

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