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Office Hours 4/27
Passcode: ^Gbi0=8W

0:54 How the Editor Network feature works
1:29 Can I give input on which editors in my Editor Network I align with?
5:12-13:05 Questions about the Premium Notes feature13:06-16:10 Adding students to Prompt who do not have CPP accounts
16:40 When GP transitions to Maia will I have to start over with setting up my Prompt account?
18:00 When can I start submitting essays to Prompt this season?
19:26 When will Editor Networks be finalized?
22:00 What do I need to do to set up Editor Network for my students?
22:40 Do I have to be Premium to use the Editor Network feature?
24:42 When does the Premium Notes feature turn on?
26:22 How do I get rid of old essays in my to-do list?
31:18 Will I be able to add Prompt essay review later on if I didn’t pre-pay for it?
31:58 What will students see in their emails when they receive feedback?
35:30 How to utilize the Content Plan feature
36:48 How do I assign the Content Plan feature to my students?
43:00 How to make sure the school list feature is turned on

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